Courtney Harris, Director

Courtney Harris is a graduate of Brighton High School and the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Science with the distinction of Magna Cum LaudeWhile at Brighton High School, she was actively involved with the color guard program. Upon graduation of high school, she became the full time color guard/winter guard instructor for Brighton High School. She is also a mathematics teacher at Brighton High School.

Ms. Harris’ goals for her students are as follows:

1) Students will excel in both conceptual and procedural applications of mathematics.

2) Student will be prepared for post secondary paths such as education or careers.

3) Students will be become independent, lifelong learners, and have a passion for learning that will continue throughout their lives.

4) Students will develop into productive members of society who will contribute to the communities at large.

5) Students will gain the confidence to achieve all dreams.

6) Students will gain 21st Century Skills such as Critical Thinking Skills, Effective Collaboration among students and educators, Reading for Understanding, Appropriate Use of Technology, and any other 21st Century skills.


Courtney Harris
Director, Brighton High School Color Guard/Winter Guard

8045 Highway 51 South
Brighton, TN 38011