Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is not sure if they want to do band?

Remember when your children would not eat the food you made for them? You always said, “Try it before you decide you do not like it.” Band is the same way. You should sign up for band even if you are unsure. If at some point you decide that band is not for you, drop the class. It is much easier to drop something after trying it, than to join late when you decide you miss it.

Can I participate in band and sports?

At the middle school, you can! There might be occasional conflicts, but know that our faculty works hard to resolve as many conflicts as possible before they occur and to work collaboratively to solve them when they arise.

What are the costs?

The band fee for the 2016-2017 school year will be $30. This fee covers the music the students play, minor instrument repair tools, classroom music software subscription, supplies, some larger instruments, the Brighton-Fest T-shirt, etc. We fundraise frequently in order to keep the band fees low.

How do I procure an instrument?

We wish funds were available for us to provide every child with an instrument, however, this is simply not possible. We are able to provide many of the larger and more expensive instruments. We encourage students to either rent or purchase their own instrument. We will not let instrument availability or financial constraints keep your child from participating. We try our best to ensure that every student who wishes to participate can be in band.

Do I need to purchase or rent an instrument now?

Currently, there is no need to purchase an instrument. We are all unique in our own way; some of us are better built for certain instruments. We test all of the band students over the first few weeks of school in order to find an instrument that best suits them. We also try to balance their testing results with an instrument that they would like to play. Please wait until after instrument testing to purchase an instrument.

Do I have to know anything about music to join band?

No. Everything you need to know to play an instrument will be taught in your band class.

What if I have other questions?

Please know that we are here to answer any and all questions that you may have. Due to the busy nature of our program, it is difficult to contact us by phone. The best way for you to reach us is electronically at You can also call us at 901-840-9467; if we are unavailable, we will call you when we are available.