Middle School Concert Band

The Brighton Middle School Band was founded in 1999 with the creation of the new Brighton Middle School in Brighton, TN.  The program consists of three separate bands: 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

The 6th Grade Band consists of all 6th grade students.  It’s primary focus is introducing the students to the fundamentals of music and their instrument.  The 6th Grade Band typically gives two performances a year; one at the Christmas Concert and another at the Spring Concert in May.

The 7th Grade Band consists of all 7th grade students.  It is the intermediate level band focusing more on advanced music theory and ensemble performance.  The 7th Grade Band typically gives several performances a year.

The 8th Grade Band consists of all 8th grade students.  It is the advanced level band focusing on preparing the musician for high school band.  This band typically gives several concert performances a year as well as marches in the Tipton County Veterans’ Day Parade, Brighton Christmas Parade, and the Humboldt Strawberry Festival.

The Brighton Middle School Band is open to 6-8 grade students at Brighton Middle School.  For more information on the band or to express interest in joining band, please contact the Brighton Middle School Band Director, Jeffrey Mayo.