Middle School Latest News

All West Rehearsals and Auditions

  • We will have optional rehearsals January 6-9 and 13-17 until 4:30PM for Middle School Students; Rehearsals will be until 5:00PM for High School Students
  • The exception will be Wednesdays, which will end for all at 4:00PM.  Your ride MUST be here on time, as Mr. Mayo has another rehearsal to attend.
  • At this point, you should not be learning the music or scales.  You should be performing full runs throughs and fixing minor errors in prepared music.  You should be refining your scales and working on playing them at random.  Remember that you music have your scales memorized.  You may use your music for the prepared piece.
  • We will primarily be working on performing the music in front of one another to get used to the nerves.  We will also discuss aspects of the auditions and how to better prepare for future auditions.
  • Auditions are being held on January 18th at Jackson Northside High School
  • Once audition times are posted, they will be released to the students

Butter Braids Fundraiser

  • For those new to Brighton Band, Butter Braids are a pastry dough must be kept frozen until when it is used.  They are absolutely delicious and one of our best fundraisers.
  • Kick-off: January 8th
  • Turn in orders and money: January 22nd
  • Delivery: February 11th
  • Please count your money and check it against your order BEFORE bringing it to school on the due date. 
  • Money for the fundraiser will be going toward new music, instruments, and instrument repairs

Amro Step-up Meeting

  • On January 30th, Jason Spraggins of Amro Music will be at Brighton Middle after school from 3:00PM to 5:30PM to allow students to obtain a step-up instrument.  
  • This meeting is intended for sixth grade students to step-up, but students from any grade may attend.
  • Step-up instruments are made of higher quality materials and will allow students to get a better sound on their instruments.
  • We do not require step-up instruments, but we STRONGLY encourage them. More information about this meeting is available in the attachment below.
  • If a student is not planing on getting a step-up instrument, we strongly recommend acquiring a new mouthpiece and/or ligature combination.  The information is also included in the attachment
  •  BMS Step-up 2020

6th Grade Tutoring

  • Sixth Grade Tutoring will resume January 29th until 4:00PM
  • Your ride MUST be here on time, as Mr. Mayo has another rehearsal to attend.

8th Grade Percussion Rehearsals

  • In preparation for their transition to the high school, BMS 8th Grade Percussionists wishing to be in the high school band will have practice each Tuesday and Thursday until 5:00PM in the BHS Band Room. 
  • These practices will begin on January 14th.
  • Attendance to these sessions is required if the student will be participating in the high school band.
  • Any questions about these sessions needs to be directed to Moises Alvarez, our high school percussion instructor.  Please email these questions to jmayo@tipton-county.com, and Mr. Mayo will forward them to Mr. Alvarez.

Jazz Lab Band

  • During the spring semester, 7th/8th grade band students are given the opportunity to participate in a jazz band. This band will be comprised of 7th through 12th grade band students.
  • Jazz Band rehearsals will take place on Fridays until 4:30PM
  • Jazz Band Rehearsals will begin on January 31st.
  • If a student decides to participate, they MUST attend every rehearsal; attendance to rehearsals will be tied into their grade. 

7th Grade Rehearsal Dates

  • Woodwinds: Jan 28, Feb 18
  • Brass: Feb 4, Feb 25
  • Full Band: Mar 3, 10, 17

8th Grade Rehearsal Dates

  • Woodwinds: Jan 27, Feb 10
  • Brass: Feb 3, Feb 24
  • Full Band: Mar 2, 9, 16


  • 6th Grade – Text @mayo26 to 81010
  • 7th Grade – Text @mayo25 to 81010
  • 8th Grade – Text @mayo24 to 81010